Ant Infestation In House In Winter

The best way To Get Rid Of Ants In Your Home

The best way To Get Rid Of Ants In Your Home

Are you experiencing an uptick in ant Infestation In your House during Winter season? If you are, don’t fret it! And you are not alone as many homes experience rapid growth of Small black ants in their houses in winter

The best way To Get Rid Of Ants In Your Home
The best way To Get Rid Of Ants In Your Home

Small black ants infestation in your house during the winter season shouldn’t surprise you especially if your house is in the midwest…

Midwestern homeowners often experience ant infestation inside their homes and the most common ants you will find either in your kitchen or the bedroom are the Small black ants.

Can Little Black Ants Damage Your Home?

No! little back ants are harmless and will not damage your home at all! In rare cases, you will find some ants take on other pests in your home… so, despite the ants’ infestation, you will find that carpenter ants are important because they damage building materials.

The only reason why you have ants infestation in your home, especially kitchen areas, is simply they are in search of water and food they desperately need.

Take the midwestern homes for example…the majority of ants only become pests when there is a slight shortage of food during the winter seasons and these pesky ants will only enter homes looking for food and possibly a dry place to hurdle during winter. …

Types Of Ants:

There are numerous types of ants you are likely to see popping up across the country… Tiny black ants that are prevalent in Texas may not be what you find elsewhere in large numbers… And if you are wondering what Tiny black ants Texas seem to get infected from?

Well, according to Tamu, Rover ant, Brachymyrmex patagonicus are the tiny black ants Texas homeowners are more likely to see.

Though these pests are prevalent in the Texas area, they are in fact a relatively new pest to invade homes as far as Texas pest control is concerned.

How Do The Tiny Ants In Texas Look Like?

Tiny black ants found in Texas are similar in size to the Pharaoh ant, however they can be quite stocky and darker brown in color. As with all ants colonies, all tiny ants found in Texas have workers whose size is the same.
Which Ants Infestation Is Common In Home Invasion?

Here are the most ants that invade homes:

  • Small black ants (Midwestern home infestation during winter)
  • The yellow ants,
  • Red,
  • Brown or black in color,
    All these types of ants are characterized by their unique constricted figure at their waist and are anywhere between 1/8-1/4″ long.

The most common ant encountered in midwestern homes during the winter is the pavement ant. … Usually, pavement ants find their nesting site by burrowing into the soil until they find a heat source. Pavement ants that remain active because of their nest’s location need food, but they can’t survive freezing temperatures.

How To Get Rid Of Ants On Kitchen Counter

Here are quick ways to get rid of ants on Kitchen counters…

1: Tea tree Ant Spray:

Getting rid of tiny ants that congregate around the kitchen sink and corners requires a tea tree spray which has been known for eliminating ants in your kitchen permanently.

2: Get Rid Of Sugar Ants On Kitchen Counter With Homemade Vinegar Spray

Besides tiny black ants, sugar ants are also notorious for infesting your kitchen counters…And if you are wondering how do i get rid of these sugar ants on kitchen my counter? Well, vinegar spray does the job!

Sugar ants like most of the other tiny ants you find in your kitchen counters does not like anything with a concentration of acid… So, stuff like vinegar, filtered coffee waste and commercial ants sprays are your best options for getting rid of sugar ants in your kitchen counters.

Can sugar ants damage my house?

No! sugar ants only invade your home looking for food scraps so they won’t damage your home… Its the other types of ants you should be worried about! Take the carpenter ant species for example…

The best way To Get Rid Of Ants In Your Home

This type of ants will invade your home, especially if your carpet liners are always wet and humid…Though the majority of ants will only settle for your food scraps, I wouldn’t take chances with them as they are known for literally eating away your house building materials.

These ants are always looking for a steady supply of food and water… And carpet moisture provides a staple supply of dead creators, moisture for their water needs and they will quickly nest out inside building materials like wood and foam insulation which makes them a serious threat.

Ants In Car door Frames And Car Engine

Ants invasion can sometimes escalate into your car especially if you have enabling conditions that would allow them to nest inside your car or the engine areas.

Under normal circumstances, if you see ants on your car door frames and window seals, it could be that you packed near their nesting area,therefore once you move your car, the ants will quickly find their way out.

But, if you have a habit of eating inside your car and have food scraps laying around on your car’s floor area, you will be inviting them to feast on your food scraps.

How to get rid of ants in car naturally

Here’s how to get rid of ants in your car naturally:

1: Use food traps to get rid of ants inside your car…

Ants are known for their greed and habit of collecting loads of food, therefore if you have ants nesting inside your car, strategically put working ants to work by laying on food traps for them to collect to their nesting areas.
While food traps works perfectly well to eliminate ants out of your car, be aware that it takes time before the whole ant colony is killed so do not expect a quick fix to your ants infestation inside your car.

Getting Rid Of Ants In Car Engine

You would think that getting rid of ants in your car engine would be easy as ants are only tiny and won’t stand the hot engine right? Wrong!
Actually ants in your engine will move into the vents and other areas once your engine gets hot so if you really want to get rid of ants in your car engine, you need to use an effective ants spray killer.

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