Indoor Succulents

Indoor Succulents


Succulents look stunning no matter where or how you plant them. The color variations of succulents are exciting and seem almost endless, there’s chartreuse, pink, red, blue-green, yellow, white, almost black, burgundy, variegated and many, many more.
The leaves come in different shapes too, some are rounded, needle-like, berry-like, ruffled or spiky.

Indoor Succulents

Here we have listed the 8 types of indoor succulents, you can grow these indoors and start planning your very own urban jungle.

1. Burro’s Tail

This indoor succulent plant is also known as donkey’s tail. This plant is easy to raje care of which makes it a suitable house plant. The plant has the ability to griw up to four inches long with a shape that looks like that of a donkey tail.

2. Crown of thorns

This plant is also known as euphorbiamii , it’s a great indoor plants because of its ability to adjust and bloom well in dry indoor environments and room temperatures. For it to grow well, place this plant near a window where it can get about three to four hours of sunlight a day.

3. Flaming Katy

This plant is mostly found in Madagascar and grows well in temperatures of 60 to 90 degrees and is sensitive to cold environments, making it best for indoors.

4. Panda Plant

The panda Plant has small and fuzzy leaves, resembling the fur of a real panda and this makes them very interesting. They are also called panda Plant because of the velvety appearance of its leaves and brownish red markings on its edges.

5. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is the most widely sold succulent all over the world. This plant has been used for 1000’s of years and is still favored tosucculenty. You find it in many homes and gardens and it also goes by many other names as well – Aloe barbadensis, First Aid Plant, True Aloe e.t.c. This beneficial plant with many purposes is really easy to grow in your home and in the garden.

The plant is easy to take care of, does not require much attention and will grow well n room temperatures making it a great succulent.

6. Snake Plant

This Succulent species of flowering plant is in the family of Asparagaceae and is mostly found in West Africa from Nigeria east to the Congo. Most people know it as the snake plant and viper’s bowstring hemp.

This succulent plant is very pretty, with stripes that resemble that of a snak, it grows well in room temperatures, will not require much of your attention, will not take much of your space as it does not grow tall. All the factors make it excellent for indoor.

7. Pincushion cactus

This plant has many spikes covering it’s exterior and pink flowers on top that grow out. It is originated in Mexico but has also been found in some southern areas of the united states of America.

The Plant does not grow taller than six inches. The vibrant pink blooms that grow on top of them will add glam to your garden.

8. Zebra plant

These type of succulents were named zebra plant because of the stripes around them that resemble that of a zebra.

They grow between five to six inches tall and wide. The plant will not take much of your space in your house and does not require much of your attention which makes it a perfect on door plant.

The zebra plant produces bright yellow, corn shaped flower heads that last for about a week