Jade plant is one of many wonderful succulent plants best known for their look and how resilient they are even if you grow them in shallow decorative containers.

The one thing anyone looking for an easy to care for an indoor green plant in the family of succulents is the fact that Jade plants do not need a lot of soil.

Many jade plants seen in office space can grow up to a foot tall, yet when you look at the container, you will be surprised to find that it is only about five or inches deep.

How do you take care of jade succulent plant?

How To Care For Jade Plants

Caring for Jade plants is minimal as they are the type of indoor plants that enjoy the spell of dry soil every now and then, so you really want to let your jade plant dry out before you water it.

Could Jade Plant Be The Best Plant That Does Not Need A Lot Of Sunlight?

If you have been searching for indoor plants that do well with little light exposure, then you will find that’s one of the great things about this particular house plant.

So if you have been wondering and asking, what’s a good house plant gift that you can gift to a colleague at work, or you simply need to add some greenery into your home, that doesn’t need a lot of light, Jade plant is one of them.

Jade plant is also one of a few indoor plants you can grow that are animal-friendly and is a low maintenance plant too!

Any family that has pets at home, and wants to have indoor plants, I’d say the Jade plant is one of highly recommended pet family favorites because of all of those factors.

How much Sunlight Does Jade Plant Needs?

3-4 HOURS OF SUNLIGHT! Yes, you heard me right! If you have a jade plant, it will need anywhere between three to five hours of sunlight as a perfect balanced exposure for the Jade plant.

Could Jade Plant Be The Best Plant That Does Not Need A Lot Of Sunlight?
Could Jade Plant Be The Best Plant That Does Not Need A Lot Of Sunlight?

While many of the popular indoors plants will need plenty of sun exposure, Jade plant is different.

In fact, it doesn’t have to be in your South window trying to get ten or twelve hours of light.

And if you try to, it’s going to be way too much for it but at the same time, Jade plants don’t want to be in shade all the time either because then it will get spindly.

For those of you, who have noticed that your jade plant somehow doesn’t look nice, one of the many reasons is that it may not be getting enough light.

How To Water Your Jade Plant?

According to Iowa State University Research Extensions, the watering of jade plants should be kept to a minimum.

The best practice is to let the jade plant dry out between waterings long before you water the succulent plants again.

Apparently, you want to have that soil almost bone-dry. The trick here is that every time you water jade plant, keep an eye on everything especially the potting mix so you are sure that you are allowing it to dry out completely before the succulents are watered again.

How Frequently Should You Water Succulents?

Succulents are resilient plants that use water moisture sparingly, therefore watering succulents largely depends on the season.

For example, jade plants should be watered more frequently in spring and summer than in fall and winter.

The trick is monitoring the state of moisture in the soil, so if your succulent’s leaves begin to shrivel, you’ve probably gone way too far to the dry side and you’re watering it too infrequently.

While it is necessary to manage moister levels in your potted succulent, it is equally important to not let it dry out instead, give it a solid drink and then let it dry out again, that way it’ll be a very happy plant for you.

Now If you can remember to put your jade plant on the shelf next to a naturally bright window that’s all it will ever demand from you! Jade plants only need about two inches of soil and the plant will surely thrive in your home, so if you don’t have a lot of room for bigger indoor plant potting, rest assured that jade plants are one of those plants that do well with a little bit of soil.

And before you know it, you will have a little beautifying ornamental potting inside your home, with a jade plant as a great centerpiece of your decoration.

Jade plant is what I recommend to anyone looking for the ideal house plant that doesn’t need a lot of care, doesn’t take a lot of room and most importantly gives your home the look you need throughout all year… the jade plant is indeed a great plant