Kohler cv15s Carburetor

Kohler cv15s Carburetor

Kohler CV15s carburetor on my lawnmower recently got replaced after I noticed some problems with hard starting and misfirings when I want to get it running… And, If you are having issues with your Kohler cv15s carburetor you might want to troubleshoot it and find out if your lawnmower needs carburetor replacing.

Kohler cv15s Carburetor

The good news is that there are plenty of kits you can use for rebuilding your lawnmower, from Kohler K301 Rebuild Kit, to Kohler Engine Overhaul Kits, we got you covered here!

KOHLER CV15s Carburetor Common Problems

Now, there are many reasons why your Kohler cv15s carburetor may not be working, and this may include:

1 – Faulty fuel line

It’s simple things like a tiny pinhole tiering to your pipeline that can cause serious damage to your lawnmower, bringing it to a halt. Holes in your fuel line opens up the possibility of your Kohler CV15s Carburetor to suck in air instead of the gas it needs to fire up your lawnmower.

2 -Faulty Kohler Fuel Pump

Faults in your Kohler CV15s Carburetor can be as an escalation of the air issues from your gas lines. So, if you are seeing no gas fuel present inside your carburetor, one of the most likely causes could be holes on gas lines going into your carburetor.

3 -Faulty Kohler Fuel Filter Needs Replacing

Kohler fuel filters that need replacing may also be a real cause for the lack of fuel at a time your carburetor needs it to fire up your lawnmower. Old Kohler fuel filters can cause sediment buildup inside your carburetor and engine. All this can prevent the free flow of gas at a rate that your lawnmower needs to run at full capacity.

NOTE: Kohler fuel filters are very easy to replace at home, so if you are replacing it by yourself, remember to keep your Kohler CV15s fuel filter plugged snag and not too tight that it prevents fuel from passing through to the carburetor and engine.
Even if you are replacing your Kohler CV15 Carburetor at your local garage or home, make sure to order your fuel filters online to keep expenses down…

I ordered mine here from Amazon’s next day… What I like about Kohler repair parts from Amazon is that they are neatly referenced which means getting it wrong is almost impossible. And if you get it wrong… don’t worry as Amazon’s refund or replacement policies are excellent! I got my parts replaced in a day.

What are the symptoms of a bad or failing Kohler carburetor?

Here are the common symptoms of a bad Kohler carburetor and if you have a failing Kohler Carburetor, these symptomatic issues are quite common:

1: Reduced engine performance.

Kohler carburetors are known for their relenting performance…and if you have noticed a reduction in engine performance, this could be your first symptoms commonly associated with a bad or failing carburetor.

2: Intermittent Misfiring of Kohler Engine Followed By Black smoke from the exhaust.

Intermittent misfiring is yet another problem that occurs as a progressive symptom you must watch out for with Kohler engines. This issue is directly tied to a bad or failing carburetor that is commonly associated with an aging Kohler lawnmower.

3: Backfiring Kohler Engine

Backfiring Kohler carburetors often produce thick black smoke that you will see coming from the exhaust of your lawnmower. …
While this backfiring may not be a real concern at first, many riding lawnmowers with similar issues also reported the overheating of the engine as an escalation from the former. …

4: Hard starting.

Your Kohler engine on a lawnmower may still be causing you problems to start even If you have done recent maintenance on your Kohler and you have all new spark plugs, fuel filter and carburetor confirmed to cleaned or de-gunked from all the engine corrosion and sediments. …

What you may not be aware of the real cause for hard starting of your Kohler engine is that you have low compression.

Kohler courage engine problems often caused by the valves not closing properly are a real cause for the backfiring you have recently noticed through the exhaust or the carburetor.

How To Fix

Fixing most of the old Kohler engine with carburation issue is easily done by looking(troubleshooting) into why your lawnmower will only run for a few feet and then start sputtering before it dies.

First, shut the fuel off before you start running to see it will run on the gas that’s in the carburetor and if it does, then it means that the bolt in the carburetor needle or the float in there is not working correctly.

Replacing old for a new carburetor on Amazon will cost you anywhere from 18 bucks so I if you are having issues with it, just ordered a replacement.

First, make sure that your carburetor off the Kohler engine is taken off the engine after turning your fuel off.

The Kohler fuel filters can easily be removed by hand and screwed back in by hand as the stud stays in there without the need to take the hose off.

I know that replacing Kohler fuel filters sounds intimidating, it’s actually easy to pull it off without the need of loosening that little hose clamp there and all you have to do is just slide your carburetor off or the breather and your carburetor will slide right off.

Just keep in mind that your carburetor is secured using two linkages with a choke on one end and the throttle on the other.

As you take off your gas lines, some of the remnant fuel will likely spill out so, have the bowl you can turn upside down the carburetor to empty your throttle butterfly and your choke fuel line.

Navigating your way around is as easy as it can be, as you have your idle adjustment screw which bumps up against the throttle butterfly and there should be an air screw on it, usually, those are halfway out so you won’t have issues getting to the stud back in there

Checking The Fuel Flow

It’s important that you want to make sure to check your fuel flow, which helps make sure that fuel flows freely to get into the carburetor once someone turns the fuel line on.

Your goal is that the Kohler Carburetor maintains a good steady stream that’s plentiful of fuel for this engine to run off of.

And if that one is ticked off as a pass, now you know that it’s not a fuel filter issue.

Bad carburetors often suffer from sediments build-up which needs a thorough clean to get rid of problematic issues causing that failing carburetor bowl get clogged of sediments.

For better results, take off the carburetor fuel bowl nut and drained all the fuel out and spray some carburetor cleaner in there.

In many cases, the carb spray is good enough to help fix the problem but if this doesn’t fix it your best bet is to replace it with a new Kohler carburetor.

New Kohler carburetors come with accessories when you order off Amazon’s next day delivery.
What you’re gonna do is take the old gasket off, making sure have a nice smooth surface so the new gasket that came with your new fuel filter has a fresh start, free from rust.

When putting back your Kohler starter, hook up your linkages off the throttle so when you take it off to clean, don’t drop it in the gravel

The way you do it, is by putting in the linkages on first with the throttle, followed by the choke and slide the carburetor on.

Once you get it running, make sure to remember adjusting your throttle position stop to set your idling rpms, check your air screw, to make sure it is definitely screwed all the way in.

And to measure how far they had it before you took it out, it was one and a half turns (which is the typical setting for Kohler carburetor air screws).

Yes, just one and a half turns out is how far you got to do it and if you put it back, making it too tightened is bad for you as those two nuts are actually pressing up against a plastic therefore just get them snug otherwise getting them down real tight you’re gonna split it.

Every carburetor change demands a custom adjustment you may have to do on your throttle linkage and you can do that by rolling back the little screw outright to move your throttle cable in and out just a little bit.

You probably have heard that low or high compression may cause your lawnmower to over speed or drop the performance way under.
All this is dependant on how your linkage is met up with this new carburetor that lets the air filter back.

When ready to test, get the gas turned on and the throttle all the way down and choke should be on to get started up and ran

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