Mulching vs bagging vs side discharge lawn mowers

Mulching vs bagging vs side discharge lawn mowers

Mulching, bagging, and side discharge are some of the best ways that you can use to deal with grass clippings as well as to handle the clippings in your backyard garden. But which way is the best for ensuring that your lawn stays healthy and looks good? 

Mulching is a very good option when you are able to understand the kind of conditions that you should do it on. Bagging is a great method when you want a nice and excellent quality cut because it will help you in getting rid of the grass clippings after you are done with the process of cutting the grass. 

Overall bagging is considered the best method because it gives your lawn an excellent quality cut and ensures its neat as well as clean. Mulching, bagging, and side discharge can be done using different types of mowers. 

Bagging lawn mowers

Bagging is a method that can be used to handle your lawns when there is long grass. This method can also be used to get rid of weeds in your lawn. When you bag, it simply means that you will not have to worry about dealing with any weeds or grass clippings. Bagging can also be used to remove weeds as well as other materials. 

When the grass cut dries out, it stands out in your lawn and will not look good sitting over your fresh lawn. With bagging, it will be very easy to just put these things in your bad by simply running your mower over them or you can use a mower that comes with a bag so that the clippings will fly into the bag as you mow and this gives you a very clean and high-quality cut. If the grass clippings will be used for composting, you can just empty the bag into the pile that will be used for composting when you need to. 

In bagging it will use most of its power to ensure that the blade lift is spinning thereby cutting the grass and ensuring that it goes into the bag, which you will have to dispose of them later on. The main downside of using this method comes when you have to empty the bad, it might involve you transferring your grass clippings from the mowers bag to garbage bad, the grass clippings might also end up spilling as you transfer them into the garbage bag and this can be frustrating for you. Therefore, bagging is a great method that will help in getting rid of grass clippings, this will allow you to look at everything that you have done without looking down at the grass clippings all over your yard. 

What are the benefits of bagging mowers?

  • Bagging mowers will help in getting rid of weeds, weed seeds, sticks and other materials in your lawn. 
  • It will help to give your lawn a good cut and the cut grass will go straight into the bag. 
  • lets you mow the lawn in almost any condition and even at a fast pace to ensure that you get a cut that is of high quality


  • Disposing of the clippings can be a big task

Side Discharge mowers

Side discharge is a method that has been used to cut the lawn for a long time but nowadays it is not that popular among homeowners, it is mostly used by professionals. Using side discharge will ensure that have a lot of power even when you are using a small mower and this gives you an excellent and high-quality cut.

 It also allows you to go very fast on your lands because you can mow nonstop and do not need to stop in order to empty the bag because it is not there. Side discharge will simply allow you to mow and move to another portion of land without having to dispose of those clippings. 

Side discharge is also a very messy method, this is because the clippings shoot everywhere around your lawn or yard, they can also shoot to your sidewalk, driveways or even the pathway. The mess can also extend to you. In side discharge, the mower kicks the grass out, this may cause it to cling to your clothes or shoes when you walk through it. 

The Pros

  • It allows you to mow in almost all conditions
  • Allows you to mow at the fastest speeds
  • Gives you an excellent quality cut
  • Allows nonstop mowing


  • The clipping discharge shoots everywhere this may cause a lot of problems for some people

Mulching Mowers

Mulching involves getting rid of grass clippings and then putting them back in your lawn to ensure that they can decompose and feed your lawn. This allows you to reuse the grass clippings to keep your yard healthy. Reusing them can give your lawn a greener and lusher look. The grass clippings can also be used as fertilizer.

With mulching, you may need to use other special blades for your mower so that the mulching is done effectively, with this old mowers will not be able to the job for you or it is possible but it will be very difficult because you will be using a mower that is not equipped for that kind of job. 

It also requires you to have the right conditions in order to work very well. you will face a lot of problems if you want to mulch grass that is very long because the mower will have to ensure that grass is ground into smaller pieces that can easily be managed. when you mulch the grass is sliced up and liquids are spun around your mower, they will also build up around the bottom of your mower ad go all over the grass.  

It is essential to mulch with grass that is dry than grass that is wet this is because wet grass is very hard to handle. Mulching should not be an option if you have grass that is not in a good condition like having dead spots and all that, if that is the case you need to first make sure that your grass stays in a good and healthy condition.

Mulching will require a lot of effort; this is because you have to bag up the dead clippings and spread them around your yard. However, some mowers also have mulching mode and this can help in saving you some time. 


  • Mulching is very good as long as you do it under the right conditions
  • Gives you non stop mowing and reduced speeds
  • Can help in providing nutrients to your lawn


  • Not keeping a close eye on the variables can give you a lot of issues

Which Is Better Between Bagging, Mulching And Side Discharge Lawn Mowing?

In general, bagging lawn mowing is better than mulching or side discharge lawn care. The main difference between bagging lawn care and mulching is that with bagging, the grass clippings are stored in a container to be taken and disposed at a later time.

The best method depends on what you are looking for in your lawn and what you want to do in your lawn or yard. For instance, if you want to give your lawn a very nice cut then the bagging method is recommended and for most this is considered the best because it helps to make your lawn look very clean and does not give you any problems with lawn clippings because they are well bagged up. 

The other methods like side discharge are also good but the problem with side discharge comes when you have to deal with the grass clippings. Side discharge will be a very good option for you if you just want to give your lawn a quick cut because it will save you some effort. 

Mulching is a great method for improving fertility in your lawn. With mulching, you can easily get a greener looking lawn as well as a lusher looking lawn. Mulching also requires some effort because you will have to spread the grass clippings around your lawn to ensure that they can decompose and add some nutrients to your lawn ensuring its vibrance. 


The kind of mower that you use for your lawn depends on the level of care that you are looking for. For example, if you only want to give your lawn a quick cut, the side-discharge technique will work better. Although it won’t make your lawn look very neat and clean as other methods would have done but it will ensure that it gives you a quick cut and you won’t need much effort.

 In order to give your lawn a new life, improve the vibrance of your grass then go for mulching, this will need you to put more effort but it will be worth it. The bagging method is great for those who want to ensure that the lawn is given a clean and neat cut.

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